Our Boxercise sessions are very popular with women and young girls of all ages. The Boxercise sessions are structured so that you get a HIIT workout always (High Intensity Interval Training). These classes are full of fun and high energy whilst burning 100s of calories in each session.

Boxercise is a great way of alleviating stress, gaining confidence and new skills. Be prepared for explosive workouts and new drills, you will increase mental agility! The benefits of coming to us is that you will train in an exclusive woman only environment, we push you beyond your limits so that you can be the best version of yourself. Our Boxercise takes place every Friday or you can hire a Personal trainer and do a private 1-1 session.

What to expect

When you sign up to a bootcamp or one of our Boxercise sessions you can expect high levels of energy in that session! You will be taken through a warm up and stretches before learning the correct form and stance. You will need boxing gloves and a pair of pads which we provide but most women like to bring their own for hygiene reasons. We will always partner you up with someone so that you can focus on your punches as well as combination punches and learn new techniques. You and your partner will always take turns holding the pads and gloves alternating each time throughout the session.

You can expect to be using punches such as Uppercuts, Jabs, Hooks and Crosses and know that this is an amazing full body workout which aids in weight loss, coordination, toning, stamina and strength.

  • I’ve attended other gyms in the past and would always end up quiting after not getting results. Since attending Souads bootcamp my fitness levels have increased a lot and I’m actually loosing weight! Souad is so friendly and encouraging and always makes sure you get the best results!

    Gemma Smith
  • Amazing Experience That was my first bootcamp ever - definitely not my last one. Souad inspired me to push my way beyond what I thought was possible and made it so enjoyable - yes even burpees 😆. It was a lots of laughter along the way too.

    Pat Raj
  • Souad has been brilliant in motivating me and pushing me to do more than I’ve ever done. She always plans very varied and enjoyable workouts, and the results are amazing! After attending a boot camp, I’ve decided to continue sessions with her, I’m seeing my body change and I’m enjoying it so much! I would highly recommend her!

    Fadak Ali