We will be starting a new martial art programme this month called Kajukenbo. This style of martial arts includes Karate, Judo, jujutsu, kenpo and boxing. These 5 styles of martial arts are crucial as it will show you how to defend yourself if need be and also teach you discipline.

Kajukenbo training will involve kicking, striking, throwing, taking people down and disarmament. All our classes will be in the Female personal trainer studio from Monday-Saturday and you can come in depending on your age group. We cater for children from 4 years old to adults.  You can find the time table below.

During your time you will be practising with your instructor Abigail and will call her (SI-BAK). Abigail will show you everything you need to know to be the best version of yourself and be unique. You will practise Katas and prepare for your belts. Everyone starts on a white belt and will get graded to move up to the next belt and level which is an exciting time as you learn new skills and technique. First session is free for all.

  • Kajukenbo - Plan 1 £150 per month

    3 hours a week £150 per month works out £12.50 per session

  • Kajukenbo - Plan 2 £100 per month

    2 hours a week £100 per month works our £12.50 per session

  • Kajukenbo - Plan 3 £15 per session


If you have siblings you can pay an additional £7.00 per child







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