Women Weight Lifting. Get Strong and fit through weight lifting. Results are guranteed!

Weight Lifting can get you the results you want FAST!

Weight Lifting

No weight lifting won’t make you look manly! I’m sure you’ve heard this several times. In fact, what weight lifting will do for you is make your muscles nice and strong giving you stronger bones, leaner muscles and a nice toned body giving you more definition just where you need it.

Weight lifting will aid in body fat reduction and shape your body unlike cardio your body will benefit from the strength. Lifting weights not only makes you look fabulous but it also helps stimulate the brain releasing endorphins which make you happy.

Whilst exercising you will be burning 100s of calories but even after exercise your body still continues to burn even while resting giving you an increase in your BMR.

Your programme

When you first start your journey with us, our professional Personal trainers will give you a tailored programme and structure your workouts for each of your sessions. Your trainer will start you with weights that are suitable for your level and will increase or decrease the intensity according to your programme and your goals. We will help you reach your goals fast and deliver you the results safely!


Why us

The advantages of coming to a strictly women only studio is that you will not feel intimidated by any men around and also you can feel free and relaxed in comfortable clothing wearing what you want. Many people will have a gym membership and spend months or even years going to the gym on their own, the truth is that unless you know what you are doing you will not get the results you are after. That’s why it is important to invest in a personal trainer, in the long run it will save you money and time as you will gain the knowledge of how to train safely on your own with the correct form and technique which most importantly will prevent you from long term injuries.



What you will be working with

You will be working with a variety of equipment, this includes mainly free weights such as kettlebells, barbells, dumbbell’s, Olympic bars etc…

Many other workouts will consist of your own body weight such as plyometrics, functional training and lots of compound movements to elevate the heart rate and burn more calories.